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Dies used in printing generally cut, perforate, and score on an array of substrates in every type of modern printing. H.S. Boyd dies can be configured to provide much more than the basic cut, perforate, and score functions. H. S. Boyd dies can be made to partially cut, slit, through cut, emboss, punch, perforate, slit-over-perforate, score and micro-perf many times on a single die. We provide dies for these services in our many different die manufacturing processes for sheet- fed, web, and flexographic printing.

Flexible H.S. Boyd Dies are used on many types of adhesive labels and can be used to successfully cut a variety of narrow-web products. IML (In-mold labels), booklets, folded boxes, tickets, tear-off coupons, hang tags, flexible packaging, and kiss- cutting are just some of the many functions that can be done using H. S. Boyd dies.

Cutting edge height, angle, and special coatings are individually adjusted to provide the best final product. H.S. Boyd can provide dies for every application in the industry.

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Flexographic Dies

Blade Height
0.480mm and 0.780mm heights can be produced in accordance with the standards. Heights may vary depending on specific applications.

Almost all materials used in printing, electronics, packaging, and health industries can be converted. Materials which are coated, vellum paper, various types of cardboard, synthetic films, PP, PE, PVC, Tyvek, polyester, etc. are among very common applications.

A combination of different functions, including partial cut, slit, through cut, embossing, punching, perforation, slit-over-perf and micro-perforation can be put on one single die.

Cutting Angles
Various blade angles are part of standard production. Custom angles are optional and may be used depending on specific material and application.

Self-adhesive labels, IML, embossing, folding cartons, envelopes, security applications, flexible packaging, printed electronics and circuit boards, braille and male-female applications.

Multi Height & Embossing
H.S. Boyd has the ability to make a single die with 15 different heights, angles and functions. Embossing and cutting can now be performed with a single die.


PPP (Perf-Print-Plus) Dies

PPP dies are chemically-etched, machined dies for the ultimate quality application allowing outstanding quality with cost efficiency.

When used with the PPP system, it is possible to rival the most delicate traditional die-cutting method. This type of die can be used with both sheet- fed and web-offset presses. These dies convert your press into an in-line die- cutter to reduce your manufacturing costs therefore adding profit to your bottom line. Perforating, through cut, kiss cut, and scoring can be achieved in a single pass.

PPP dies adhere to the foils grid and then are removed after production so that the PPP foil can again be used for general perforating and scoring.


H.S. Boyd Standard Dies

H.S. Boyd has standardized their most popular Litho-die for reduced cost and delivery. These dies are quality etched dies applicable to cut against a non-compressible blanket, or our standard stainless- steel protection plate. Each die comes with a 3” x 4” self-adhesive protection plate.

Standard Door hangar dies (1”, 1.25” & 1.50” diameter circles) with 1.50” tails/slits

Standard Window dies – (2” x 3 7/16”) with round or square corners



IOC (Inline Offset Cutting) Dies

IOC converts your sheet- fed press into an Inline die-cutter, reduces costs and adds profit to the bottom line. A single die can be used for perforations, scoring, and through-cutting up to 20 point stock.  The dies are characterized by their outstanding service life which can be further extended by laser-hardened 3L quality, coatings, etc. IOC dies are used in a multitude of ways, short run projects, continual forms work, and extremely long run projects making the set- up times shorter.

Die height: 0.270 – 1.50 mm
Common Presses: Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Man Roland, Ryobi, Sakurai, and more
Tolerance: ± 0.002 mm



Web-Offset Dies

Flexible web offset dies are made identical to all other HS Boyd dies with the same quality to meet the challenging demands of various substrates and printing conditions. Web- offset dies can be used on many different cylinder configurations, die heights, and angles can be adjusted for excellent performance based on the application.

Die height: 0.270 – 1.50 mm
Common Presses: Heidelberg, KBA, Komori, Man Roland, Ryobi, Sakurai, and more
Tolerance: ± 0.002 mm




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