Perf Print Plus (PPP)

Perf Print Plus is a revolutionary in-line system allowing perforating, die-cutting, slitting, scoring, spot varnishing, and spot printing for offset presses. Developed by the Swiss firm PPP International, its versatility and precision provide superior quality at full press speed.

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In addition to being a time-saving and cost-effective solution, Perf Print Plus offers additional advantages:

  • Printing, perforating and die-cutting in one operation
  • Absolutely flat finished stock
  • Multiple uses
  • High production speeds
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Wide range of applications
  • All types of perforations, die-cutting and creasing
  • No wear of expensive blankets when perforating
  • No double setup on double-sized impression cylinders

How Perf Print Plus Works

PPP is easy to operate. Just follow these steps:

  • Simply mount the PPP-Foil as a regular blanket.
  • Put the PPP-Base Set underneath the foil and tighten to the recommended specifications.
  • Stick the self-adhesive tools (perf rules, dies or blanket) to the foil.
  • Stick the self-adhesive PPP-Protection Plate to the impression cylinder.
  • Back off the pressure at least 0.1 mm more than the paper thickness and run a few sheets through the press.
  • Increase pressure by small increments until a perfect perforation is achieved.

PPP Components

PPP-Base Foil with Integral Millimeter FoilThe Base Foil is for use in machines with a single or double impression cylinder circumference.

Advantages include:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to store
  • Clear view of the integral millimeter foil in the press
  • Prepared and supplied ready for use in accordance with the individual press and blanket bar specifications

PPP-Base SetThe Base Set is installed under the Base Foil to compensate for cylinder undercut.

Advantages include:

  • Versatile
  • Made specific for each press, ready for immediate use
  • Supplied as a single unit – the individual components cannot slip even when used repeatedly
  • Materials selected in the correct hardness to guarantee perfect die-cutting and perforation results
  • Edged for simple and quick installation in the cylinder channel

PPP Partial Ink Transfer and Spot Coat Transfer

Perf Print Plus for Partial Ink Transfer Advantages include:

  • Saves time. Quick operation in a controlled, precise manner.
  • Lower production costs. Work can be done in-line and in-house.
  • Simple installation. Foil can be retained with the applicable tools for immediate use on future repeat jobs.
  • More application areas. Great for envelope printing using special inks such as aromatic inks, metallic inks and inks for rubbing.

Perf Print Plus for Spot Coat Transfer Advantages include:

  • Saves time. Using a self-adhesive blanket, the job is completed quicker with little down time.
  • Lower production costs.
  • Special templates (i.e. coating blankets or plastic plates) for simple applications are no longer needed.
  • Wear and tear of expensive blankets is eliminated.

PPP System Accessories

  • Perforating rules, 6-, 8- or 12-tpi (centered or on the side)
  • Micro perforation 30- or 50- tpi centered
  • Cutting rules (centered or on the side)
  • Scoring rules and matrix
  • Self-adhesive blankets
  • Protection plates for protecting the impression cylinder
  • Special dies, specific to each application

Self-adhesive Blanket for partial ink and coat transfer

Dies in a variety of shapes and combinations with perf

PPP Protection Plate

Adhesive Tape

This die-cut crab claw menu was created with Boyd's custom-made PPP-Die and the PPP System.

ProSheet® *NEW*

H. S. Boyd makes it easy to finish jobs in-house using the New ProSheet®.

ProSheet® is a plotted overlay sheet that is accurately printed on a XY plotter. ProSheet® is produced using printer provided .pdf, .ai, .cdr and .dxf files. H. S. Boyd offers the subsequent transformation into a die file and die line for the customer’s application of Boyd’s new Precision Perf®, Precision Score® and Precision Slit® product line. Application can be accomplished on or off press to provide exact registration of the printed material. The ProSheet® is mounted to the carrier (PPP) sheet or applied directly to the cylinder according to the provided instructions.

ProSheet® makes it easy to quickly and efficiently perforate, crease or slit on-press.

Another time saving product brought to you by the leader in Inline On-Press Finishing. Call 800-537-2514 and speak with a technician to place your order for a custom created ProSheet® for your application.


Need some expert advice?

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